Pocket Gaussmeters


The Pocket Gaussmeter is so reliable and accurate that you are always confident about the magnetic field strengths you read, regardless of the application. Unlike dial gauss indicators (magnetometers), the calibration and accuracy of the Pocket Gaussmeter is unaffected by placement in strong magnetic fields. In addition, its small probe size enables easy measurement in gaps such as in pipes to be welded.

The Pocket Gaussmeter is available in two models to best suit your needs. 

  • The PGM-Bar is the perfect choice for welders when the need to know when to weld is imperative.  The bar graph displays three colors indicating the ability to weld the part being measured. GREEN bars indicate low levels safe for welding, YELLOW bars indicate slightly higher levels pointing to the possibility of problem welding  and RED bars indicate high levels of magnetism being detected which usually causes Arc Blowout. 
  • The PGM-LCD is for the engineer or maintenace professional on the move.  This pocket version gives reliable digital readings from -1999 Gauss to +1999 Gauss.  With a detachable probe, this 1.5" X 2" meter is always at hand for an instant read of your machine during operation or at outage.

No longer do operators, maintenance personnel, welders and engineers have to settle for measurements by an uncalibrated or defective magnetic indicator or magnetometer. They can now be assured of performance and eliminate doubts about accurate magnetic measurements.

The Pocket Gaussmeter sets a new standard for small gauss meters by providing quality, accuracy and dependability in a compact, pocket size.

Key Benefits

  • A high performance instrument that is carried in your pocket.
  • Accurate DC gauss measurements.
  • Undamaged by intense magnetic fields.
  • Measures in any orientation, even in gaps.
  • Durable and built for longevity
  • No external wires.
  • Incredibly easy to use.
  • Easy zero adjust by the operator.



To Activate:
Press the Power button

To Calibrate:
Attach probe then adjust the Zero Adjust Knob until the meter reads Zero. (Earth's field of 1/2 gauss is not readable on the DC meter or graph scale of 20 gauss per bar).

To Operate:
Orient the probe so that the maximum magnetism is directed onto the flat side of the probe tip.

To Control Magnetism:
Use the Auto Degauss to remove or control magnetism to safe levels.

Battery Replacement:
Simply unscrew the screw on the rear of the meter and replace the battery inside.

Note: Tampering with components inside the instrument will void the warranty.

Typical Utilization Power and industrial DC measurements only (direct component of magnetic fields)
Ranges: BAR Model:  -100 to +100 gauss;     LCD Model:  -1999 to +1999 gauss
Accuracy: +/-20 gauss per Bar on Display;  ±1% of scale ±5 gauss LCD model
Weight: 2 Ounces
Portability: Fits in your pocket.


  • "We currently have 7 MPS Pocket Gaussmeters in our plant and would like to get more. The seven we have work great and are still in use today. We need more for more production lines. I would like a price quote on one and is there a group rate if purchasing more than one? Thanks so much."

    - Brett L., A Cold Finish Steel Bar Producer

  • Thanks... We are using your machines every day. 

    - Bryce H.  An upstream/midstream construction contractor,